Working papers

What are working papers?

In the Working Papers’ series is published ongoing work by Departmental staff and by teaching associates, Ph.D candidates or holders and other researchers affiliated or else connected to the Department. This new platform should offer a forum of exchange and information dissemination and should serve as a tool to the academic community, by serving as an open invitation for comments and suggestions on on-going work.

Working Papers should cover a broad spectrum of topics within the social sciences nurtured at our Department, i.e. the fields of Social Policy and Social Administration, Social Work and Political Science. They should be academic in nature and based on personal research, and not merely descriptive or opinion articles. Briefer comments may also be published on current affairs and political events and developments.

Working Papers may consist in pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, reviews etc already accepted for publication elsewhere. They may as well constitute autonomous stand-alone publications. In the latter case, or pending their acceptance elsewhere, they are peer reviewed and assessed prior to their publication as a Working Paper.

The scientific committee of the series, responsible for reviewing and evaluating, directly or through external reviewers, the proposed papers is composed by Professor Theano Kallinikaki (, Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos ( and Assistant Professor Periklis Polyzoidis ( Authors are encouraged to contact directly one of the above members of the scientific committee.

Papers submitted for review should be in English or Greek. Papers which have already been accepted elsewhere (and hence do not need to be reviewed) may be submitted in the language in which they have been accepted. The form and content of papers are the responsibility of individual authors. The format (other than the cover sheet) is not standardized.

Papers may be downloaded from this site by individuals, for their own use, subject to the ordinary rules governing fair use of professional scholarship. Comments on papers or questions about their content should be sent directly to the author, at his or her email address.

Working Papers may be cited without seeking prior permission from the author. The proper form for citing Working Papers in this series is:

Author. “Title”. DUTH/Department of Social Administration and Political Science, Working Paper n. xx/xxxx.

Posting a paper on this site does not preclude simultaneous or subsequent publication elsewhere, including other Working Papers series. The copyright of a Working Paper is held by the author or by his or her assignee.

Downloadable copies of Working Papers will be removed from this site if and when authors indicate to their local coordinators that they have been published elsewhere. Once a paper has been published elsewhere, it is ordinarily preferable to cite it in its final, published version, rather than in its Working Paper version.

Publication of a working paper in this series does in no way imply acceptance and/or endorsement of its contents by the Department or any of its members.