The Department awards a single degree in Social Administration and Political Science that combines two pathways:

  • Social Policy and Administration and
  • Social Work

The minimal studying duration for graduation is eight (8) semesters. Each semester includes at least thirteen (13) weeks for teaching.

Students must declare their choice of pathway after completing four semesters of study. Distribution of courses in semesters is only indicative and thus not obligatory for the students. Nonetheless it corresponds to conditions of regular study and it is adjusted to the minimal possible number of semesters required for graduation. References about courses that are a prerequisite for other courses are to be found in the Programme of Study.

There are three examining periods: January/February, June and September.

During September students have the right to participate in exams for courses of both semesters (winter and spring) while during June they can only participate in exams for courses of the spring semester and during January/February they can only participate in exams for courses of the winter semester.

After completing a full course circle (that is eight semesters of studying) students have the right to repeatedly participate in exams for every course they have failed before, regardless of the semester that these courses are normally taught (decision of the Senate, 23/474/9-2-95).

Student assessment is based on written and/or oral examinations, course work and periodic tests.

According to Law, after the completion of six years of study (that is the four years of the normal course cycle plus two extra years) students are no more eligible for any kind of support like medico-pharmaceutical and hospital care; scholarships based on performance and income tested scholarships & loans; free meals and accommodation; free textbooks and studying material and transport subvention.