Social Work With Groups

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Work Pathway (6th semester – compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course tutor: Charalampos Poulopoulos, Associate Professor

Subject and Course Description

Thecourse presents the basic concepts group work in social work settings with focus on the role of the social worker in groups. Group types in various social work settings are discussed. Psycho-educational groups, self-help groups, mutual help groups and community intervention groups are critically presented. Group work theory in social work settings is presented in relation to its historical development. Group processes and group dynamics are seen in relation to roles, decision making models, group synthesis and basic principles. The role of social worker in groups is critically discussed with emphasis on professional ethics and accountability.

Topics Outline

– Groups in social work settings-Historical perspectives.

-Social work intervention in various groups

-Group dynamics and group processes.

-Social justice, democratic principles, values, equality and autonomy in groups

-The value of group heterogeneity

– The role of group members

-The role and the skills of the social worker in the group

-Socially vulnerable groups, self-help and mutual help groups.

-Group management and evaluation. Focus groups

-Professional code of conduct and ethics in group work. Supervision and consultancy.


By the End of the Course, Students should be able to:

-Understand group dynamics, processes, roles and decision making.

-Analyze critically the roles of group members and the role and skills of the social worker in group settings.

-Understand the value of heterogeneity in groups and the skills of socially vulnerable groups in using self-help and mutual help group methods.

– Use focus groups in research of socially sensitive issues.

– Become aware of the need for consultancy, supervision and emphasis on professional conduct in managing groups.

-Reflect on ways of social work intervention in various groups.

-Critically examine and promote values of justice and democracy in group work.


1) Final written examination