Social Security

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Policy and Administration Pathway (5th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program: Political Science (5th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-5 ECTS

Course tutor:Periklis Polyzoidis, Assistant Professor




Aim and description

Aim of this course is the understanding of the basic theoretical concepts of social security one the one hand and the application of these concepts with the contemporary situation in Greece and the European Union on the other. A large spectrum of issues regarding social transfers, service and material supply is covered while emphasis is on social insurance systems, a topic that faces very rapid changes throughout Europe as well as in Greece. In this context, the historical development and the main futures of the Greek social security system, the main components of the social insurance problem and the possible combinations for facing them are presented. Finally the role of a minimum guarantied income and its impact on modern social policy are discussed.


  1. Theoretical approach the institution of social security
  2. Historical development of social security
  3. Forms and means of implementation of social security
  4. Social security systems
  5. Identity of the Greek social security system
  6. Major insurers
  7. Demographic developments and respective studies
  8. Problems of the social security system in Greece
  9. Investigating insurance policies to tackle the problem
  10. The role of the minimum guaranteed income

Learning targets:

Contact, familiarization and learning the concepts of social security and the individual topics related to it.Strengthening thecapacity for autonomous studying, regarding both, exploring and analyzing the literature.Developing the capacity of secondary and primary research activity.Full understanding of contemporary issues related to social security in Greece and the European Union.


Writtenexamination at the end of semester.Writingofsmallessaysaftereachclass.

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