Social Psychology

Degree Program: Social Administration (4th semester – compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-5 ECTS

Course tutor: Nikolaos Tsergas, Lecturer


Subject and course description:

The subject matter of the course is the theoretical approach, analysis and understanding of social phenomena at the intersection with individual behavior. It introduces the student to the methodological issues and research methods used in the investigation of human behavior and the social phenomena.

The impact of culture on human behavior, the levels of explanation of social phenomena, the distinction between European social psychology and the American approach will be separately discussed during the lectures.

This course of social psychology will offer an overview of interesting topics that social psychologists study, including person perceptions (attitudes, stereotyping, bias), changing attitudes, social cognition and knowledge (social representations, social-cognitive patterns), social influence (conformity, obedience), intergroup relationships (social identity), the intragroup relations (group decision-making).Finally,the lectures will cover more specific issues, concerning the applied Social Psychology, such as aggression , positive social behavior and altruism.

Topical outline:

  • Defining social psychology. Methodological issues. Research methods in social psychology
  • Levels of analysis and explanation in social psychology
  • Personperceptiontheories
  • Attitudes. Theories of attitudes. Attitude Change. Stereotypes and Prejudice
  • Social Cognition. Attribution theories. Cognitive Schemas , Social representations
  • Social Influence. Conformity and Obedience. Group membership and social identity
  • Intragrouprelations .Groupdecisionmaking
  • Intergrouprelations( socialidentitytheories).
  • Aggression (personal and social factors associated with the use of violence)
  • Positive behavior –altruism-helping behavior

Learning outcomes

By the End of the Course, Students should be able to:

  • know the theoretical and methodological issues that concern the study of group behavior and social phenomena
  • understandthelink between individual behavior and social phenomena
  • explainsocialphenomenaatdifferentlevels
  • understandandinterpretcontemporarysocialphenomena , adopting

an interdisciplinary perspective

  • compare group phenomena and social phenomena in different civilizations , taking into account the cultural factors


1) Final written examination or

2) Final written examination in conjunction witha paper

Reaquired text:

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