Social Planning


Course description:

Social planning links existing theoretical models of social protection, together with the practice and implementation of specific and measurable targets. The lectures on social planning provide a framework in which to identify, analyze and delineate specific issues pertaining to social policy, while also describing the methods and mechanisms by which the state and official bodies may confront those issues. More specifically, the design of state-led social protection policies is examined as a component of wider social interventions, which may be found in the context of the pursuit of implicit or explicit goals. For the purposes of this course the student will be called upon to engage with the process of social planning, and to have a sound understanding of the methods used when organizing social interventions that strive towards social wellbeing and development.


  1. The concept, definitions, theoretical foundations and areas of action of social planning with an emphasis on the design of social policy
  2. Social policy in the context of the state’s policies as part of social planning in the broader sense. The function of social planning in the contemporary state and its role in the execution of state policies
  3. The theoretical foundations of social planning, from the development of social interventions to their implementation
  4. The practice of social planning in modern Greece
  5. Essay

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, students will be able to do the following:

  1. understand the context of the implementation of social planning
  2. describe the process of social planning
  3. propose convincing plans for social planning
  4. possess the analytical tools required for selecting the best procedures, practical methods and resources accordingly, in order to achieve specific targets in the field of social planning


Essay examination at the end of the semester (100%)

Εργασίες που συμβάλλουν κατά είκοσι τοις εκατό (20%) στην τελική βαθμολογία


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