Public Finance

Degree Program: Social Administration (4th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program : Political Science (4th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-5 ECTS

Course tutor: Maria Pempetzoglou, Assistant Professor


The aim of the course is to analyze the economic objectives of public entities and the instruments used to achieve these objectives.

Initially, there is a systematic presentation and analysis of the economic goals and objectives of the state. Subsequently, we examine the reasons why the market mechanism can not achieve these goals and explain the reasons requiring the intervention of public bodies. Particular emphasis is given to supplying the society with public goods, regulating externalities and stabilizing the economy. The module also covers various issues relating to the institution of public enterprises.

Furthermore, we describe and analyze the instruments at the state’s disposal to attain its economic goals and objectives. The structure and classification of public expenditures and their evolution over time is examined. The characteristics of taxes and their classification into categories are studied. The topics of government borrowing and debt are examined next. Finally, the aims, forms and procedures for the preparation of the state budget are described.