Principles Of Administration And Organization

Degree Program: Social Administration (4th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program : Political Science (4th semester – compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-5 ECTS

Course tutor: Nikolaos Polyzos, Professor





Course Description and Purpose:

The objective of this course is to introduce the concepts of Administration and Organization. The course aims to present the ‘Administration Science’ as an applied science. The historical approach to the gradual establishment of the Administration allows understanding of the continuous enlargement of the administrative field to modern times. Common studied phenomenon is the administrative and management methods. Emphasis is given to the analysis of organized administration effort that seeks to achieve certain common goals through Planning, Organization, Coordination and Control.

Course outline:

I. Introduction – Schools

  • Management and Managers
  • Environment Management
  • Historical Review

II. Planning and Organization

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Structure and ChangeCulture
  • Human Resources

III. Coordination and Control

  • Leader and Communication
  • People and Groups – Motivation
  • Operations and Control.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of the course students should:

(a) Identify and describe the concepts of administration and organization, the principles and schools of management, environment and management systems.

(b) To describe an organized system and organizational structure of a service in order to achieve efficient use of resources, with emphasis on human resources.

(c) Be able to refer to change culture, leadership and communication.

(d) Have the analytical tools necessary to motivate individuals and groups to basic functions, with final emphasis on control and evaluation.


Written examswith questions or exercises at the end of the semester (100%).

Relevant assignment (receding notice).



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