Organization And Administration Of Health Services

Degree Program: Social Administration (8th semester – elective)

Degree Program: Political Science (8th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week

Course Tutor:: Nikolaos Polyzos, Professor





Course Description and Purpose:

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts of health and health services, leading to the necessity of organization and education in these objects. Supply of and demand for health services lead to further analysis of the forms of healthcare, with emphasis on theirplanning and management in the modern hospital, and their financing. The course examines means of measuring hospital product and the HRM. Specific issues on work hugiene, health technology, suppliers’ reimbursement, and quality assessment are issues of concern. Furthermore, the study focuses on the administrative and financial procedures in order to describe and analyze hospital sub-systems, etc.

Course outline:

Ι. Health and Health Services

  • Description and content
  • Supply – Demand – Planning
  • Measurement – Evaluation

ΙΙ. Health Systems Organization

  • Forms
  • Levels of care
  • Financial relationships
  • Health and safety, technology, quality, etc.

ΙΙΙ. Hospital Organization and Administration

  • Administration and Human Resources
  • Administrative and Financial Procedures and Operations
  • Indices and assessment

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of the course students should:

(a) Identify and describe the concepts of health, health systems and health services, with respect to the basic principles of management.

(b) To describe a health system and the organizational structure of a health service in order to achieve efficient use of resources, with emphasis on human resources.

(c) Be able to describe key evaluation and quality indices of health services, as well as other specific issues.

(d) Have the analytical tools necessary to recognize the administrative and financial procedures and operations of a hospital.


Written examswith questions or exercises at the end of the semester (100%).

Relevant assignment (receding notice).



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