Introduction to Psychology

Degree Program: Social Administration (2nd semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week

Course tutor: Nikolaos Tsergas, Lecturer


Subject and course description:

The course offers a general introduction to the science of psychology and major psychological theories, which contribute to the understanding of human behavior and personality.

Aspects of human functioning are considered in the context of studying perception, memory, language and learning, although emphasis is placed on individual differences and theories of personality development. This course is suitable for students who want to gain basic understanding of the history and current status of applied psychology. Topics also include a body of knowledge about research methods, motivation, emotion, psychopathology, therapy and social behavior.

Topical outline:

-The science of Psychology: introductory concepts

-History of psychology

-Scientific Research Methods

-The biological bases of behavior and the human development

-Learning: learning theories and models

-Cognitive functions: Perception, memory, language, intelligence

-Awareness, motivation, feelings

-Theories of personality development

-Society and human behavior

-Mental disorders and psychotherapy

Student Learning Outcomes

By the End of the Course, Students should be able to:

– understand basic concepts and terms of psychology

-determine the meaning, the discipline and the major branches of psychology

-know the methods of scientific research used in psychology

-describe the evolution and the most important theories of psychology

– understand and determine the process of human development and the fundamental cognitive functions (memory, perception, language, and intelligence)

-determine the meaning and types of mental disorders

– analyze behavior on the basis of different psychological theories

– develop a greater degree of self awareness and acceptance of self and others


1) Final written examination or

2) Final written examination in conjunction with a written paper

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Scientific Journals

• American Journal of Psychology

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• Asian Journal of Social Psychology

• Australian Journal of Psychology

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