International Environmental Policy

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Policy and Administration Pathway (6th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program: Political Science (6th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course tutor: Evripidis Papadimitriou, Assistant Professor

Course Description and Purpose:

The course analyzes the processes and content of environmental protection policies internationally. In several sections the course presents presents various issues, describes the complexity of the environmental issues and the factors implicated in this, and unveils the competition and interaction between social, political and economic entities implicated in the formation of environmental policy at the national and international level . In a separate section the course presents the content, principles, character, goals and specific tools of environmental policy (especially of the EU level).

Course Outline:

1 Environment, society and politics.

• The causes of environmental destruction.

• SMEs, science, people, politics

• Sustainable development

• Ecological Movement

2 The economics perspective to the environmental issue

• Economic activity and the environment

• External economies

• Available goods

• Models of internalization of external costs

3 The internationalization of environmental policy

• Globalisation, State, business, environment

• International organizations and environmental NGOs

4 The EU environmental policy.

• History , legal basis, principles and action plans.

• The integration of the environmental into other EU policies

• The issue of evaluation of European environmental policy

5 The tools of environmental policy

9. • Policy of direct regulation

10. • Economic instruments

11. • The new EU mechanisms for environmental protection

12. • The evaluation criteria of the tools of environmental policy

6 Environmental policy and social awareness in Greece

Learning objectives:

The main objective of this course is to introduce students to basic priorities, principles and tools of European environmental policy and to understand the processes by which it is formed.


written exam

Essays (optional)