Economics Of Social Insurance

Degree Program: Social Administration (7th semester – elective)

Degree Program: Political Science(7th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course Tutors: Papatheodorou Christos, Professor

Ioannidis Alexis, Assistant Professor

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Description and Aims:

In this course presented and analyzed are the economic dimensions of the social security system with help from tools of modern economics. These economic dimensions, as reflected in certain indicators, are crucial in achieving and assessing the distributional objectives of the system, as well as its effectiveness in the administration of the available resources. The course also provides a comparative review of the key features of the social security system in Greece and internationally. It highlights similarities and differences between systems internationally in terms of funding, benefits and distributive effects. The system is analyzed macro-economically and micro-economically. Within context are also investigated, historically and theoretically, the impact of social security system on economic growth. Particular emphasis is given to mapping and analyzing the perspectives of the Greek social security system under the influence of contemporary demographic and economic trends. The aim of this course is for students to understand the economic dimensions and functions of the social security system and its challenges and opportunities in light of the social and economic developments.


  • Comparative overview of social security systems. Historical development of the Greek social security system .
  • Financial dimensions of the social security system. Indicators measuring its economic dimensions.
  • Presentation and analysis of the ‘pay as you go’ system.
  • Presentation and analysis of the funded system.
  • Impact of social security on a country’s economy.
  • Social security systems internationally. Trends and challenges.
  • The crisis of the Greek social security system and alternative policies for dealing with it.
  • Recent reforms in social security system and their impact on pension system.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • to understand and analyze the economic dimensions and functions of the social security system.
  • to critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of alternative social security systems in achieving certain goals of equity and efficiency.
  • to understand the peculiarities of the Greek system through a comparative analysis of social security systems developed in other countries.
  • to analyze systematically and in depth the dimensions of the social security system, while becoming familiar with the use of tools and methods of economic science. This outcome should be facilitated through a written assignment.


A written assignment (course work) and its public presentation with oral examination (100%).



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  • Lecture notes and additional bibliography in electronic form (course website).


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