Economic Evaluation Methods

Degree Program: Social Administration (7th semester – elective)

Degree Program: Political Science(7th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course Tutor: Nikolaos Polyzos, Professor





Course Description and Purpose:

The course aims to introduce students to the basic concepts and methods of economic evaluation of social programs, with emphasis on evaluation of health programs. Introduction to basic concepts of economic evaluation and the role of the participants in it are represented. The mode of economic evaluation methods is analyzed at the micro level, and the economic (cost) and social (benefit) effects are studied. There is also linking between theoretical and empirical conclusions of economic evaluation and the implementation of social policy. Dealing with these issues focuses on examples and exercises in the health sector.

Course outline:

Introduction-Background-Types of evaluation

Evaluation through literature – Determination of Cost

Cost Minimization Analysis

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Utility Analysis

Data analysis and use of findings

Review, decision making,value of life, equity, quality.

Learning objectives:

  1. The critical study and analysis of economic evaluation studies of social programs with an emphasis on healthcare
  2. The cost analysis of social programs
  3. The use of evaluation methods to draw conclusions and measurements.


Written examswith questions or exercises at the end of the semester (100%).

Relevant assignment (receding notice).



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