Developmental Psychology

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Work Pathway (5th semester – compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course tutor: Nikolaos Tsergas, Lecturer

Subject and course description:

This course is an introduction to Developmental Psychology, designed especially for the students of social work. Developmental Psychology is a broad and diverse branch of psychology that explores biological, cognitive, and psychological changes over the course of life ( from pre-natal period to death).It is an energetic field of inquiry that offers critical insights into the process of human development and contemporary research orientations.

This course also may help students to develop an understanding of core concepts, research methods and major theoretical approachesof developmental psychology(the psychodynamic, Behaviorism, cognitive, social-cultural etc.).The study of development is organized chronologically and divided into followingbroad age ranges: Prenatal period, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and late adulthood. Students are encouraged to improve critical thinking abilities and deeper knowledge of major issues and processes of development in relation to specific articles and books.

Topical outline:

-Introduction and historical overview of developmental psychology

– Life Span view of human development

– Major theories of Development

-Research methods

– The Beginning of life and prenatal development

-Early childhood and middle childhood

-Adolescence: maturation process, identity formation, socialization and peer relationships

– Special problems in development

– Early & Middle Adulthood : intimacy, family and career issues

– Late Adulthood: physical and cognitive changes, aging and social relationships

– Death, Dying & Bereavement

Learning outcomes

By the End of the Course, Students should be able to:

-Understand basic concepts of developmental psychology and display knowledge of the main theoretical approaches

-Apply basic research methods and interpret relevant empirical data

-Develop skills for critical thinking on theoretical and methodological issues

-Recognize the role of values, prejudices and cultural differences and their influence on personal development


1) Final written examination or

2) Final written examination in conjunction witha paper

Required Text

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Scientific Journals

• Child Development

• Developmental Psychology

• Journal of Aging and Human Development

• Journal of Gerontology

• Journal of Marriage and the Family

• Journal of Youth and Adolescence

• The Gerontologist