Degree Program: Social Administration (5th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course tutor:Nikolaos Tsergas, Lecturer


Subject and course Description:

The course is an introduction into the theory and practice of counseling , as well as an exploration of the historical perspectives and psychological foundations upon which it is based.This course is an elective for undergraduate students and it is designed to offer a challenging personal learning experience .It also provides a critical review of helping process and techniques as well as the most influential counseling and psychotherapy theories ( psychodynamic, person centered, humanistic, behaviorism, systemic etc).

While the course is primarily theoretical, basic interview skills are developed through case studies, role playing and other experiential exercisesor structured activities.Students will acquire basic knowledge about intervention methods and practices including individual counseling, small group or community counseling. The counseling skills taught in this course include client needs diagnosis, developing strategy,applying theoreticalprinciples and making referrals.We will focus on essential family counseling, cultural diversity and career counseling as well supervision and ethical issues.

Topical Outline:

-Introduction to counseling:core concepts and definitions.

-Interview: verbal and non-verbal communication, skills and techniques

– Helping relationship

– Brief counseling

-Person-centered approach: philosophy and process

-Psychodynamic counseling: Freud, Jung, Adler. Object relations theory.

-Humanistic-Existential theories: existential analysis, Rollo May, V. Frankl and Logo-therapy therapy

-Gestalt therapy: theory and practice

-Transactional analysis: theoretical principles and process

-Systemic approach: theoretical foundations and experiential exercises

-Cognitive-Behavioral approach: Cognitive therapy (A.Beck),Rational Emotive Therapy(A.Ellis), Schema Therapy

-Philosophical Counseling: the philosophy as a guide to life, the methodology of philosophical counseling, the model of the five stages of Ran Lahav and the new model of P. Raabe.

-Theory of crisis intervention

-Counseling against discrimination and oppression: feminist-antiracist approaches and Multicultural Counseling

-Self-awareness, Self-concept and Self-esteem

– Supervision in counseling: models and process.

-Family counseling: theoretical approaches (systemic,psychodynamic and behavioral), healing process and techniques.

-Career Counseling: career development theories, career assessment and applications

– Values and code of ethics in the practice of counseling

Learning outcomes:

By the End of the Course, Students should be able to:

-Describe the development of counseling

-Explain the distinctions between counseling and other scientific fields

-Comprehend basic counseling approaches and apply them in the practice of counseling

– Develop basic skills of counseling

-Evaluate and develop a critical reflection on counseling research

-know and understand professional issues and the code of ethics


1) Final writtenexamination or

2) Final written exams in conjunction with a written paper


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