Clinical Social Work

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Work Pathway (7th semester – compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course Tutor: Theano Kallinikaki, Professor
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Purpose and description of the course

Clinical Social Work constitutes a specialization of the Social Work theory and methodology, objecting in:

– maximizing the skills of individuals, families and small groups to develop their potential in order to live with independence and dignity, and
– the treatment and prevention of psychosocial dysfunction resulting from early, or acute experiences of deprivation, neglect, abuse, or of long term social exclusion, as well as treatment and prevention of emotional and mental problems.
This course focuses on theory and evidence-based clinical practice in crisis situations, bereavement and posttraumatic stress. Emphasis is placed on a range of brief and time effective treatment models including crisis intervention/single session interventions, solution focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, and stages of change/motivational interviewing. Students are directed away from a deficit (pathology) model towards a resource treatment model.

Learning objectives

Students who complete this course are expected to acquire
• knowledge on :
Development – shaping of identity and personality and the different needs during child’s and family’s life cycle, the intergenerational violence in families, and the socio-cultural effects on recruitment of family and gender relations.
Intervention Theories and models: the effects of trauma, intense stress, crises and psychopathology.

Methods for research and evaluation of clinical practice, and methods of measure change as it occurs over time. Students will develop skills in brief treatment that can be used with Students will acquire understanding of the theoretical and empirical bases, strengths, and limitations of each model.

• skills, to engage in reciprocal therapeutic relationship, utilize clinical techniques for assessment, treatment of  children, adolescents, families, and adults who present with substance use, trauma, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and other issues of concern in multi-stressed urban populations

• awareness of biased opinions and prejudices and their impact on practice , and the impact on the social workers themselves working with perpetrators of violence and crime , which will lead them towards self-knowledge and self – care .

Systematic and active participation in class is a major expectation of the teacher.

Students have to write a compulsory essay on one particular subject, announced on the web page of the course. The final mark is at a 75 % of performance in written examination test and a 25 % at essay.



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