Civil Society And Social Policy

Degree Program: Social Administration/ Social Policy and Administration Pathway (6th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program: Political Science (4th semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-ECTS 5

Course tutor: Periklis Polyzoidis, Assistant Professor




Aim and description

The course focuses on the role of non governmental organizations that are active in the field of social care. In comparison to state and family, this role is proved to be residual. Nonetheless, therecent blossoming of the third sector, the fundamental changes in the traditional family model and the growing inability of the state to cope with the growing social needs are rendering the contribution of the non profit sector more and more important. Studying material is separated in two parts. The first one focuses on the problems of definition of a non governmental organization and analyses their role in the changing environment of social policy, while the second is an empirical approach of the structure and the function of the third sector in the field of social care in Greece.


  1. Definition and classification of third sector organizations
  2. Current situation of the non-governmental organizations section
  3. The role of NGOs within UN and EU
  4. Third sector – state relationships
  5. NGOs and the formation of welfare state and social care in Greece
  6. Institutional framework
  7. Capacity of Greek NGOs
  8. The scope of intervention of the Greek NGOs
  9. Accountability and Legitimizations of the Third sector
  10. Networking and augmenting the third sector

Learning targets

Contact, familiarization and learning the concepts of civil society and the individual topics related to it.Strengthening thecapacity for autonomous studying, regarding both, exploring and analyzing the literature.Developing the capacity of secondary and primary research activity.Full understanding of contemporary issues related to civil society in Greece and the European Union.



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