Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Degree Program: Social Administration (1st semester – elective)

Teaching hours: 3 per week

Course tutor: Sevaste Chatzifotiou, Assistant Professor


Course Description – Objectives

From a Psychosocial and a Social Work perspective, this course provide students with an overview of one of the most frequently met social problems, that of child protection and domestic violence. Students are acquainted with the necessary tools to study domestic violence and learn issues on, namely, the history of domestic violence, theories and theoretical perspectives of domestic violence, the consequences of violence on individual and society in general, statistical data from various countries across the world, and methods used to study this phenomenon, etc. Alongside with the above, students who follow the course make various discussions of different forms of domestic violence—violence against women at home/intimate violence at home, child abuse, elder abuse, a discussion of how definitions and theories of violence is shaped by various parameters such as race, class, and gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Finally, students are enlightened with discussions on formulating strategies of prevention and of interventions as well as the response of social service agencies and the criminal justice system, the police, the helping agencies, the formal and informal support networks of the victim/offender. By the end of the course, students are expected to have greater ability to understand the dynamics of domestic violence and child protection situations and be aware of the above issues.