Administrative Law

Degree Program: Social Administration (4th semester – compulsory)

Degree Program : Political Science (4th semester -compulsory)

Teaching hours: 3 per week-5 ECTS

Course tutor: Chris Morfakidis, Lecturer

Course Description and Purpose:
Object of the course is the organiZation and mainly the operation and legal actionof the Public Administration, its relationship with the individuals and other government functions, and its organizational structure.
The course aims to present the fundamental rules and principles governing the action of the Public Administration and the ways this organization at central and regional level. Specifically the course analyzes the general principles of administrative law, the powers of the central state institutions, operating rules of collective bodies, the rules governing the administrative act as a primary form of exercise administrative action.

Course Outline:
I. Administrative law
Ø Establishment of administrative law
Ø The sources of administrative law
Ø Fundamentals of Administrative Action
Ø Concept of an administrative act
Ø Administrative authorities for the production of administrative act
Ø The power of administrative bodies
Ø Production process of the administrative act
Ø The power of an administrative act

Learning objectives:
Upon completion of the course students should be able to:
(a) Understand the mode of action of public administration and its basic principles.
(b) To determine the meaning of the administrative act and understand their individual conceptual distinctions.
(c) Be aware of the administrative organs of production of administrative acts and to assess the importance of the concept of power, its types, as well as the production process of administrative acts.

A written examination at the end of the semester (100%)

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